Insights | Bitcoins and blockchains (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our Insights | Bitcoins and blockchains series we introduced the concepts of Bitcoin and blockchains; we also discussed some of the commercial reasons why Bitcoin surged in popularity as a digital currency and alternative means of settling transactions. Parts 2 to 4 of our series will explore potential applications of blockchain technology to the banking, corporate … More Insights | Bitcoins and blockchains (Part 2)

Insights | Bitcoins and Blockchain (part 1)

Digital crypto-currencies and blockchain self-executing contracts and instruments are this week’s buzz words.  So how does the law, tax and GST fit into the equation? In Part 1 of our Insights | Bitcoins and Blockchain series, we provide a brief introduction to the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.  In future installments, we will discuss the application of law, Australian income … More Insights | Bitcoins and Blockchain (part 1)