Sydney Markets’ Fresh Awards 2016: Produce Grower of the Year goes to Goldenfield

I am pleased to report that last month, Goldenfield was crowned by Sydney Markets as the 2016 Produce Grower of the Year in its annual Fresh Awards.

My brother expressed a mixture of disbelief and surprise at Goldenfield winning the award.  For my part, I think that speaks more to his humble nature and does not reflect the level of commitment and passion invested in the business.

The fresh produce industry has evolved since I last donned a pair of boots and gloves to work on the family farm.  Yet, one thing has remained constant in the 29 years since my parents planted their first crop of tomatoes and snow peas – the pursuit of quality over quantity.

It is this undying philosophy of quality that has led to an appreciation of Goldenfield’s produce, including the supply of heirloom tomatoes to the Cooks Co-Op which ultimately ended up on the plates of a rather famous pop-up restaurant in Barrangaroo Sydney:


Congratulations to Goldenfield and the Ung family!



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